Performance Training for Serious Athletes

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Serious athletes should be able to perform against the very best competition around. It’s our job to help you prepare.

At Compete Sports Performance, your training will focus on developing speed & agility, functional strength, core stability, and muscular endurance that is specific to your sport. Our programs are based on more than 15 years of experience in professional sports. We have worked with some of the very best athletes around and have helped them reach their goals.

Now, it’s your turn.

Compete is an Official MyZone Heart Rate Monitoring Facility

Compete Training Classes

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Compete offers private, semi-private, small group, team training to meet your individual needs. We also offer Athletic Performance Classes to improve overall athleticism, Specialty Classes aimed at a specific sport or position and Post Rehab Conditioning to return to pre injury status.

Client Packets

Compete will be utilizing new packets for our clients. The packets include our process and commitment to you, short and long term goal sheets, your commitment to the process and yourself, pre and post training nutrition tips, food logs, access to our Facebook Group Nutrition page, performance and progress sheets and a mental performance score sheet.

Get your packet, make your commitment and succeed!

RecoveryPump delivers aggressive muscle recovery. This portable and medically proven, active compression system significantly increases circulation beyond any other recovery method available and dramatically accelerates the recovery cycle while decreasing soreness and swelling. This therapy increases venous return, rapidly accelerating the body´s re-absorption of the elements causing soreness and fatigue in the muscle. It effectively removes metabolic waste faster than any traditional mode of recovery or rest alone. Contact us today to schedule a free trial.

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Functional Movement Screening and Sports Performance Testing

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We are very pleased to announce that Compete Sports Performance & Rehab will now be offering Functional Movement Screens (FMS) and Performance Testing Services. The FMS is a reliable baseline to screen and evaluate movement which is key to providing information valuable in devising performance programs as well as risk of injury and is currently used in the NFL Combine. Compete’s Performance Testing includes weight, bodyfat, 20 yard dash, pro agility shuttle run, vertical jump and kneeling medicine ball throw. More tests such as 40 yard dash and bench press may be added as needed. The two services will be administered together on an individual basis to athletes looking to monitor their progress and and receive a more personal training plan. We suggest that the services be repeated every two to three months to see the athlete’s personal gains.

Mental Performance Training

Compete Sports Performance and Rehab is now offering mental performance training as part of an overall training program. The goal of mental performance is to improve an athlete’s ability to perform under pressure. As a result the athlete will reach a higher level of performance, feel more confident in their ability to perform in their sport, improve their ability to deal with adversity, improve self-regulation and improve their ability to concentrate through distractions. These one on one sessions are an hour in length and athletes are given plans to work on at home.


"As a Team USA Figure Skater I spend as much time on recovery as I do training on the ice. Chris Phillips with Compete has been a great addition to my team. I rely on Chris and his staff as the primary resource for sports rehab and massage. He has been instrumental in my overall wellness and conditioning."

Mariah Bell, 2022 USA National Champion and Olympian

"I have known Chris at Compete for so many many years that I feel very confident in giving him praises. He has rehabed back to full-go so many of my surgical and non-surgical patients for years that I can't keep count. He is an expert in getting people back to sports at a level even better than they were before their injury. He is extremely knowledgeable, a patient advocate and is focused on getting patients back to their best possible physical condition. I highly suggest you consider letting Chris take care of you for any orthopedic issue."

-Dr. Scott Graham, SCOS

"After retiring from competitive competition many years ago, it had been years since I picked up a weight or tried to work out consistently. Mike’s constant motivation and positive energy allowed me to get back into working out. His knowledge of what exercises to do each session allows me to live a well-balance life with my active kids and family, which is all provided at the Compete Sports Performance and Rehab facility. ."

-Rhea Benedict

"As an outstanding trainer in the fitness and nutrition world, Mike is one of the best professionals I have worked with in any field. At his facility in Yorba Linda CA, Mike has both the space and modern equipment to comprehensively train or rehab any athlete. In both his 1:1 and group client work, Mike takes the time to first fully understand his client’s health background and their personal objectives for training. I can’t speak highly enough of Mike professionalism and knowledge across the spectrum of both team and individual sports. Highly recommended, without reservation!"

-Dave Batson

"Chris Phillips helped me become what I am today. Without his knowledge and dedication I could never have achieved the accomplishments that I have gained in my hockey career."

Jonathan Blum, Former NHL 1st Round Draft Pick and 2018 US Olympian