ATHLETE OF THE MONTH: Nick Cangas, Crean Lutheran High School

Athlete of the Month, Nick Cangas, is a senior catcher at Crean Lutheran High School. Over the last few months, his work ethic, dedication, and attitude have helped him make great strides both in the gym and in furthering his baseball career. He recently committed to playing baseball at Midland University in Nebraska.


As athletes dedicate more time to strength, power, speed, and agility training to keep up with the current demands of their sport, we find that the role of a comprehensive recovery program has become increasingly important. In fact, most professionals advocate that the key to longevity and performance within an athletic career is recovery. The goal of the therapy is to remove adhesions that inhibit motion, increase mobility, and maximize venous return to accelerate the body’s ability to re-absorb elements causing soreness and fatigue in muscles.


Over 100 Compete clients have now committed to play college sports since 2009. Recent commitments include Allie Lalonde (Northeastern Hockey), Hunter Long (Michigan State Baseball), Mia McNulty (UCLA Softball), Shayna Glass (University of Tennessee, Chattanooga Softball), Wyatt Allen (King’s College Hockey), Victoria Turner (UC San Diego Volleyball), Megan Klepacki (Kent State Lacrosse), Emma James (University of Idaho Soccer), Hayden Carlson (Indiana University, Baseball), Will Burns (Texas Tech, Football and Baseball), and Mia Leon (University of New Mexico Soccer)

Chris Phillips of Compete Sports Performance & Rehab Named to the Czech Republic Olympic Team as Athletic Trainer for Figure Skaters

Chris Phillips, has been named to the Czech Republic Olympic Team as the Athletic Trainer for Figure Skaters headed to Beijing. In addition, six of the Compete athletes that have been training at the facility have been named to the US Figure Skating Olympic Team, Czech Republic Figure Skating Olympic Team, and the Chinese Olympic Hockey Team.


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Four Compete Clients Commit

Four Compete Clients Commit

Four more Compete clients have recently committed to continuing their careers at the next level. Congratulations to Taylor Smith (University of Arizona soccer), Meghan Bartsch (Claremont McKenna soccer), Nick Kangas (Midland University baseball), and Tommy Woods...

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Why Choose Compete Sports Performance and Rehab

Why Choose Compete Sports Performance and Rehab

You have so many choices in Orange County to send your athletes for sports performance training and injuries. So why choose Compete Sports Performance and Rehab? Simply put, Compete has a track record of success that you can trust. Our staff is highly qualified with...

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Sport-Specific Training: Truth or Myth?

Sport-Specific Training: Truth or Myth?

With sport specialization at a young age becoming the norm, it raises another question: what about sport-specific training? Social media and marketing suggest that all athletes should train specifically for their sport using cool-looking, and often complex, exercises...

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“Chris Phillips helped me become what I am today. Without his knowledge and dedication I could never have achieved the accomplishments that I have gained in my hockey career.”

– Jonathan Blum, Former NHL 1st Round Draft Pick and 2018 US Olympian

“As a Team USA Figure Skater I spend as much time on recovery as I do training on the ice. Chris Phillips with Compete has been a great addition to my team. I rely on Chris and his staff as the primary resource for sports rehab and massage. He has been instrumental in my overall wellness and conditioning.”

-Mariah Bell, 2022 USA National Champion and Olympian

“I have known Chris at Compete for so many many years that I feel very confident in giving him praises. He has rehabed back to full-go so many of my surgical and non-surgical patients for years that I can’t keep count. He is an expert in getting people back to sports at a level even better than they were before their injury. He is extremely knowledgeable, a patient advocate and is focused on getting patients back to their best possible physical condition. I highly suggest you consider letting Chris take care of you for any orthopedic issue.”

-Dr. Scott Graham, SCOS

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