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Due to Covid restrictions, we are not offering classes at this time.

It doesn’t matter what sport you play, Compete Sports Performance will help you reach your goals with our Specialty Programs!

With Compete’s Specialty Programs, we focus on giving the athlete the tools they need to excel not just in their given sport, but in their given position. We concentrate heavily on developing the speed, power, agility, and strength needed to excel in that position. Compete currently offers the following Specialty Programs:


This effective dryland program will keep your hockey players strong and competitive. This specialty class is dedicated to enhancing speed, power, and agility on the ice as you prepare to play at the next level. The program includes:

  • Front Squatlifting techniques
  • mobility and flexibility
  • speed and acceleration training
  • strength and weight training
  • functional core and stability training
  • conditioning
  • recovery programs
  • college and junior preparation

Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 am and 5pm. Monthly cost is $140 per for one session per week, $220 for two session per week, or $280 for unlimited sessions. Unlimited includes use of Recovery Pump and Monthly body weight and body fat testing. Schedule is subject to change. Contact for details.


Prepare properly for the upcoming collegiate season. Compete Strength Coaches will utilize our experience and your college program to compete at your best including training, testing, injury prevention and lifting techniques.

Program includes: 3 semi private sessions per week, 1 private testing session per month, Training tailored to your collegiate program, 1 Nutrition consultation, Use of Recovery Boots, 1 BioSteel Recovery Protein Shake per visit. Cost is $599/month $200 Savings


Rehab JumpsThis program is for athletes that have completed their rehab after ACL surgery and are ready for their next phase in their return to play. Designed to focus on getting the athlete back to competition level by concentrating on regaining overall athleticism in the lower extremities, core strength, and functional movements related to your sport. We provide you with the tools to maintain strength and stability to play at a high level and to prevent future injuries. Cost is $50 per session or 5 sessions for $200.


These high powered sessions are for elite high school, college and pro soccer players that are seeking to enhance their athleticism on the field while preventing injuries. This program is based on the same principles owner Chris Phillips has applied to the Los Angeles Sol, Orange County Blues, and many collegiate and professional players. These programs include:

  • Soccer Programspeed, acceleration and agility
  • weight and strength training
  • functional and stability exercises
  • mobility, flexibility and recovery
  • training for pre season testing
  • lifting techniques

On field training available two times per week. The group will be limited to 12 players. The program will begin on Tuesday, June 19th. Training at Compete will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am. Field work will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-9:30am at a local field to be determined. Monthly cost is $150 for 2 Compete sessions per week ($300 with field training). Contact us for more information.


mental performanceCompete Sports Performance and Rehab is now offering mental performance training as part of an overall training program. The goal of mental performance is to improve an athlete’s ability to perform under pressure. As a result the athlete will reach a higher level of performance, feel more confident in their ability to perform in their sport.Cost is $65 per session or four sessions for $220


"Chris Phillips helped me become what I am today. Without his knowledge and dedication I could never have achieved the accomplishments that I have gained in my hockey career."

Jonathan Blum, Former NHL 1st Round Draft Pick and 2018 US Olympian

"As a Team USA Figure Skater I spend as much time on recovery as I do training on the ice. Chris Phillips with Compete has been a great addition to my team. I rely on Chris and his staff as the primary resource for sports rehab and massage. He has been instrumental in my overall wellness and conditioning."

Mariah Bell, 2020 US Figure Skating National Championship Women's Silver Medalist

"I have known Chris at Compete for so many many years that I feel very confident in giving him praises. He has rehabed back to full-go so many of my surgical and non-surgical patients for years that I can't keep count. He is an expert in getting people back to sports at a level even better than they were before their injury. He is extremely knowledgeable, a patient advocate and is focused on getting patients back to their best possible physical condition. I highly suggest you consider letting Chris take care of you for any orthopedic issue."

-Dr. Scott Graham, SCOS