In most sports, you will notice some form of rotational component. This applies to activities of everyday life, as well. Whether it’s jumping in figure skating, pitching a baseball, shooting a hockey puck, or kicking a soccer ball, you are rotating to some degree. Which is why it is important to train your core in rotation and anti-rotation movements, regardless of your sport. Here are a few exercises we like to use at Compete:

Palloff press in split position

Diagonal reverse chops in split position

Med ball rotational throw

There are several variations of these 3 exercises, as well as several others that we use to prepare our athletes for rotational performance. Exercise and variation choices are based on the level of the athlete, sport-specific training, and identified weaknesses.

If you are interested in beginning a training program, but aren’t sure where to start, Compete is now offering distance coaching with TrainHeroic.

Jenna Janadi is a certified Athletic Trainer at Compete Sports Performance and Rehab in Orange County, CA.