As a strength coach/trainer, athletes come to you to better themselves and to improve in their athletic performance. Every week new and existing athletes come to you around generally the same purpose, to get better day in and day out. Therefore, creating lasting relationships with these athletes are extremely beneficial to both you and them in their athletic careers and lives.

An athlete’s program and workouts should be tailored towards whatever their athletic goals and aspirations are, but that is not the only piece to the puzzle. It is just as important for strength coaches/trainers to get to know their athletes on an individual level, as well as athletically. Clients will continue to come in if they feel comfortable around you and feel as though you care. This just means changing your mindset from seeing them as just another athlete to an individual. Ultimately, they will continue to return to train with you and work with you if they trust you and know that you are there to help them.

Developing a personal relationship with your athletes can be achieved through asking them questions about their sports, how their games/events went, and simply just talking with them while they train. It may take time for them to get more comfortable with you, but the more you show you care and desire to help them achieve their goals, the more they should warm up to you. Like any other relationship in life, it takes time to develop and know what the individual responds best to in their training. Therefore, take the time to learn about their individual needs, goals, and get to know them on an individual level.

Taylor Rowden is a Strength Coach at Compete Sports Performance and Rehab in Lake Forest, California. Taylor graduated from the Master’s University with a degree in Kiniesiology with an emphasis on sports injury and exercise science.