Single Leg Straight Leg Deadlift

This single leg straight leg deadlift variation includes performing the movement in 3 directions. The primary focus of this version is on single leg stability, rather than strength. The version depicted shows the athlete placing tennis balls on 3 foam rollers, but it can be done using chairs, cones, or anything you are able to set something down on.

To perform, set up your 3 foam rollers with one directly in front of you, one forward to the right, and one forward to the left. The 3 should make a “t” shape. Start by standing on one leg, holding your ball in the opposite hand a few feet from the foam roller in front of you. The key to the single leg straight leg deadlift is to hinge from the hips while keeping them level and your back flat. Reach out with the ball and carefully place it on top of the foam roller. Perform this movement for each of the 3 foam rollers. Even as we reach to the sides, the hips should remain level and back should remain flat. Place all 3 balls, then go backwards and retrieve the 3.

The purpose of placing the balls on the foam roller is so the athlete learns to control their body through the movement. Reaching to the sides adds an extra challenge to single leg stability. Our last blog focused on going back to the basics, and this is a great exercise to add to your program to regain single leg strength and stability before loading up the weights.

Tim Kilpatrick is a certified strength and conditioning specialist at Compete Sports Performance and Rehab in Orange County, CA.