Everyone who has played a sport at any point in their life has had a coach. In order to have a team, the team must have a coach. We all have had coaches in our lives that have helped to impact us in positive or negative ways. Coaches can completely change how an athlete can view a sport or sports in general. This, again, can be a in a beneficial way or a non-beneficial ways.

There are not only coaches that directly oversee teams of the sports that an athlete plays, but also strength coaches or trainers. There are many forms of coaching that people take on in the athletic world. As a strength coach, you are working directly with athletes day in and day out, just like their coaches of their sports teams. Therefore, you can have just as much of an impact on the way they adapt to and view their sports as their team coaches. The following thoughts can apply to not only strength coaches, but also sports team coaches or athletic trainers.

Your attitude when coaching can have an enormous impact on athletes, especially when they are younger. The younger they are, the more impressionable they can be. When you work with them, it is important to realize that your tone, words, and attitude can greatly impact the kids you work with. The more energy and positivity you bring, the better! However, there is also a balance with positivity and staying disciplined. This simply means that it is important to recognize that some kids need more time spent with them, especially if they are less coordinated or new to some exercises. In addition, some kids may struggle in focusing on the task at hand and/or may distract others and so this will be something that the coach needs to deal with on a case by case basis. Positive reinforcement and trying exercises that the athlete will enjoy can help them stay focused and engaged. This, again, comes down to overall attitude.

These are just a few things to think about when helping/coaching kids in their respective sports or general strength training. Getting the privilege to work in either one-on-one or small group situations can be a great chance to impact kids in their lives and sports careers. Remember that it is not a perfect process but you have the chance to build relationships and impact lives in that process.

Taylor Rowden is a Strength Coach at Compete Sports Performance and Rehab in Lake Forest, California. Taylor graduated from the Master’s University with a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on sports injury and exercise science.